2022 Rules

Clutch 2022 Rule Changes

  • Managers may not add more than +1 to their pitcher's IP each inning and +2 during the entire game

  • The starting hand size is now 5 cards

  • A mulligan rule has been added. After drawing, you may elect to take a mulligan. To do so, shuffle your entire hand back into your deck, then draw 5 new cards. If you choose to accept the new hand, you must place cards equal to the number of mulligans you have taken this game at the bottom of your deck, in a random order. If you choose to take another mulligan, repeat the above process.

    • Ex 1: Draw 5 cards -> elects to take mulligan -> draw 5 cards -> accept new hand -> keep 4 cards and put 1 card on the bottom of your deck.

    • Ex 2: Draw 5 cards -> elects to take mulligan -> draw 5 cards -> elects to take mulligan -> draw 5 cards -> accepts new hand -> keep 3 cards and put 2 cards (equal to the 2 mulligans you have taken) on the bottom of your deck in a random order.

  • “Ohtani Rule” (Two-way players) - A two-way player is not required to be substituted out for both positions. If a two-way player is substituted out as a pitcher, they may remain in the game as a DH. If a two-way player is substituted out as a DH, they may remain in the game as a pitcher.

  • “No Doubling Up” has been removed from the rulebook

  • All additions and subtractions from a stat are capped at +/- 3. Going home with 2 outs before the AB will be a +6 bonus (+3 from going home and +3 with the 2 outs before the AB).

  • “Swingmen” have been added to the game. Certain pitchers will have both SP and RP designation. In non-competitive play, you may start one of these players in place of an SP. In competitive play, please refer to the league/tournament rules on instructions on how to handle Swingmen.

  • Defensive rating range changes:

    • Catcher: 7-12

    • Pitcher: 0-3

    • 2B/3B: 0-3

  • Line Drive (LD) outs have been added. They will appear on Pitcher charts and strategy cards. LD outs are an out that do not allow for advancement.

  • Speed has been separated into baserunning & stealing ratings. The stealing rating will be used on stolen base attempts & the baserunning rating will be used during all other times that speed would be factored in.

  • Speed rating range has changed from 0-24 to 11-25

  • Speed letter grades have been removed. For strategy cards that refer to a specific letter grade, please use the below conversion chart:

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