2019 Series 1 Common Strategy Card Set

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This strategy card set features 1 copy of all 40 Common Strategy Cards from the 2019 Series 1 set.

These have been reprinted with the new style 2020+ card backs.


Deck 19S1C: 40 Strategy Cards

DefenseOrdinary HeroClickbaitWandering Eye
Ahead In The CountPitch OutCloud Nine
Back BurnerPump FakeDisrespectedNeutral
Choke ArtistSeems So SimpleDo Or DieIt's A Trap!
Circus ActTeam ChemistryFour CornersThe Long Con
ClaustrophobiaThrowing StrikesHomeward BoundSeeing Is Believing
Daylight Play
Never Enough
Eat The BallOffensePitch CountWeather
Front LoadedBat On BallRattledAfternoon Shade
Get HyphyBetter 1 Out Than 2Stealing SignsFrozen Fingers
Grab And GoCharged UpUnsung HeroManager
Jack In The BoxChugga ChuggaWalk This WayAlex Cora
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New Swingman Pitcher cards!

New Catcher Defense Range!

Baserunning and Stealing now separate!

New colorful design!